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What are the hours of operation at El Paso International Airport (EPIA)?

The airport terminal currently closes after the last departure flight and reopens at 3:00 a.m. the next day. The parking lot, long-term parking shuttles are always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long. The terminal is open to ticketed passengers with a flight within 4 hours of arriving. Special circumstances are exempt such as for passengers requiring assistance.

Each airline sets its own hours of operation based on its flight schedule, please contact your airline directly to find out when their ticketing, baggage service office and gates open and close.

Each car rental counter is independently operated and hours may vary, contact your car rental agency directly, click here.

For Gift shop hours click here.

For Restaurant hours click here.

Is my flight on time?

The most up-to-date flight information can be obtained from your airline by visiting their website or them directly. Arrival and departure information is also available here.

What kind of identification do I need to get on my flight?

Adult passengers (18 and over) are required to show identification in order to pass through the checkpoint and onto their flight. For a list of acceptable forms of identification for air travel, please see the TSA website.

Does my child need an I.D. card?

Children under 18 years of age usually are not required to have a photo ID for domestic flights; however, as each airline has its own requirements, please contact your airline directly to confirm its ID requirement for minors.

Will my child be screened at the Security checkpoint?

Visit the TSA website for information about child screening at the checkpoint.

Does EPIA have Wi-fi?

Yes, EPIA offers free high speed Wi-fi provided by Digital El Paso in all areas of the terminal.

How can I find out if a flight has arrived?

Please use our live flight information display, or contact the airline directly to determine whether a specific flight has arrived.

Where is the best place to meet passengers arriving in El Paso?

You may pick up passengers at the curb however, vehicles may not be stationary unless actively loading passengers and/or baggage, and under no circumstances may vehicles be left unattended at the curb. We recommend waiting in your car at the Cell Phone Lot, located here until your passengers arrive and have retrieved their checked baggage.
If you choose to park in the short term lot and walk in, the Meeter/Greeter area located on the ground floor is located behind the escalators straight ahead from the main entrance, prices and information can be found here.

How do I find out about job opportunities at the airport?

The AirlinesFood & BeverageNews and GiftTSA , Rental Car Agencies and other employers that operate at EPIA recruit and hire for themselves so a good starting point is at each entity's corporate website. EPIA is a department of the City of El Paso and recruitment opportunities will be posted here.

Who owns and runs the airport?

El Paso International Airport is a public facility and it is run as a department of the City of El Paso, however EPIA is a financially self-sufficient entity which runs outside of the general fund. Airport funds are made up of passenger facility charges, federal funding, as well as revenue from its industrial parks.

Can I bring my pet to the airport?

The policy and pricing for traveling with pets vary by airline, you should contact your airline to obtain that information. With the exception of certified service animals, pets in the airport terminals must remain in their kennels and ready for travel. A pet relief area is available for passengers traveling with their pets, and is located on the east side of the Short Term parking lot across from the ticketing doors.

I think I lost something, what do I do?

If you have lost an item on an aircraft, or gate area please contact the airline directly. Airlines request an online form be submitted for lost items, Allegiant, American, Delta, Southwest, United. For items lost at a security checkpoint, contact TSA directly here. For items lost at all other locations, including Shuttle buses, call the airport's main line at 915-212-0330 or visit the office located on the first floor in the passenger receiving area.

How do I page someone at EPIA?

Paging services are available by dialing 0 on a courtesy phone or by calling 915-780-4749

What items can I carry with me on a flight?

Consult the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) website for up-to-date information on permitted and prohibited items, including medications and children’s items.

Where can I smoke?

Smoking cigars, cigarettes, and electronic vapor cigarettes are permitted only in the designated smoking areas outside of the terminal buildings. Smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of entrances and exits. See Map Here

Where can I park?

There is a short term parking lot for hourly parking up to 24 Hrs. The Long term lot is available for overnight parking up to 60 days. A West Parking lot is available across from the rental car center and is $10 per day, payments are only accepted by mobile device by scanning an QR code at the lot. Premium Reserved Parking is available across from the baggage claim area and is $20 per day, you can reserve your parking here. Parking lots are designated with overhead signs, for rates and other information call 915-771-7990 or visit the parking page here.

What is the best way to drop someone off at EPIA?

Private vehicles may drop of passengers at the curb side check-ins however, vehicles may not be stationary unless actively unloading passengers and/or baggage, and under no circumstances may vehicles be left unattended at the curb.

Are there ATMs available?

Yes, there are ATMs available throughout the airport, see map for locations.

Where is the nearest post office?

The nearest full service post office is located at 8401 Boeing.

Is there a USO at EPIA?

At this time there is not a USO lounge at the airport.

What is the address of EPIA?

6701 Convair Road, El Paso Texas 79925

How do I advertise at the airport?

Advertising at the airport is managed by Clear Channel Airports, please contact them for advertising opportunities, their info can be found here or call, (610) 674-6128.

What cities can I fly to from EPIA?

Currently EPIA’s airlines fly directly to Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Orlando, Long Beach and Seattle. Many of these flights are to large hub airports with connecting flights to all over the world.

What is there to do while I wait?

You can go shopping or pick up a snack. Visit one of our two history galleries with pictures and artifacts, located in La Placita Shopping Center on the Main Floor, pre-security checkpoint. The Art Windows of El Paso is a rotating are exhibit that showcases the work of two local artists, and can be seen in the Meeter/Greeter and by Baggage Claim on the Main floor, pre-security checkpoint. High speed wi-fi is available throughout the terminal and is provided by Digital El Paso. You can also get your shoes shined at three locations in the airport while you wait, see locations on the map, here.

How do I show my art at EPIA?

For over 10 years the airport has displayed the work of local artists in the cabinets located at the meeter/greeter and by baggage claim, known as Art Windows of El Paso. Every two years the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs hold a call for artist to submit their work for selection by a jury made up of people from the local art community. 12 artists are selected and scheduled for the next two years. Our last call was held in August of 2014, our next call will be held in the summer of 2016.

Where is the Military Assistance Desk?

The military assistance desk is located on the first floor across from the baggage claim area.

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