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Embark on an exciting career at the El Paso International Airport. The airport consists of many different partners, concessionaires and service companies and each organization hires independently. Please connect with them directly for available opportunities. Here is a directory to help get you started.

The City of El Paso Department of Aviation

The El Paso International Airport is a department of the City of El Paso and offers a variety of opportunities critical to the operations and maintenance of the major gateway to the City critical to our region. Career opportunities include operations and security, airport administration, land and contract management, accounting, engineering, custodial, building and grounds maintenance, communications, warehouse logistics, and more. Positions with the City of El Paso Department of Aviation will be posted on the City of El Paso Career page.

City of El Paso Careers


The airlines offer careers such as, ticket counter agents, flight attendants, pilots, baggage services and more. You can start your search by visiting their website's job opportunities page.

Career Opportunities

Car Rentals

Positions in the car rental service includes attendants, cleaners, leasing agents and more. Start by visiting their webpage.

Career Opportunities

Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage is a critical part of the airport's service industry as millions of passengers fly out of the airport each year. HMS Host is the airport's food and beverage management company and operate the restaurants and Starbuck's throughout the terminal. Join their team here:

Career Opportunities

News & Gift

News & Gift shops are also a critical part of the airport's service industry, Paradies Lagadere is the company that operates all of the gift shops in the airport. Joint their team here:

Career Opportunities

Security Checkpoint / TSA

The Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) oversees the operations at the airport's checkpoint, to be a part of their team visit their career page here:

Career Opportunities

Parking Services

Parking lot attendants and shuttle booth operators at the airport's short term and long term parking lots are managed by out partners at SP+

Career Opportunities

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