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Travel Advisory

Travel Advisory

El Paso International Airport Announces Adjustments to Operations in Preparation for Increased Passenger Traffic

El Paso International Airport, in response to the City of El Paso Declaration of Disaster and in coordination with the Office of Emergency Management, will adjust its operations in preparation for an increase in passenger traffic related to the humanitarian crisis our border community is facing and upcoming summer travel. Beginning May 8, 2023, access to the airport terminal will be limited to ticketed passengers with a flight departing within 4 hours, between the operating hours of 3:30 a.m. and the last flight departure of the day. We expect this to continue through our peak summer travel season. Exemptions will be granted for people accompanying minors, the elderly, those with special needs, and other ticketed passengers who require assistance. To ensure the safety of all passengers, overnight during the terminal’s non-operating hours, the airport's dedicated personnel will perform a deep cleaning of all waiting areas, restrooms, and lounges. The airport remains committed to providing an exceptional travel experience for everyone. It is essential to note that the airport remains open and operational to all air traffic. See official Press Release Here, Travel Advisory.

Summer Travel Tips

To ensure a smooth travel experience, the airport would like to offer passengers some helpful travel tips:

Cell Phone Lot. To minimize congestion and enhance operational efficiency, individuals picking up friends and family are encouraged to utilize the designated cell phone waiting lot instead of entering the terminal. Access to the terminal is limited to ticketed passengers, making the cell phone waiting lot an ideal alternative. Detailed directions to the cell phone waiting lot and additional information can be found on the airport’s official website,

Arrive Early. It is recommended that passengers arrive at least two hours before their departure time, with a maximum of four hours. This allows ample time for waiting in queue lines and ensures a stress-free experience.

Plan Ahead. Passengers are advised to visit to review the latest identification requirements and the list of prohibited items. Packing accordingly and adhering to the guidelines will expedite the security checkpoint process for everyone involved.

Parking. Park in the airport’s long-term lot, and ride the complimentary shuttle to the front entrance. Parking is $7.00 per day in the long-term lot. For more information visit our parking page, here, Parking & Transportation.

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