El Paso Flight Information

The FlightView Air Traffic Map is displayed on TV monitors at the Airport. Flightview displays a partial map of the United States with El Paso in the center. All inbound flights to El Paso that are currently in the air are displayed on the map as small blue airplanes; outbound flights from El paso are marked by red airplanes.  


To see Flightview Air Traffic Map live, click here.
Each of the airplane markers have a block of information attached that shows the flight number, the departure and destination airport codes, and the actual departure and estimated arrival times. This information is updated every 5 minutes from a live data feed. A sample is shown below:

AA1854 - This is the flight number and identifies American Airlines flight 1854
ORD ELP - ORD is the departure airport code and ELP is the arrival airport code. This flight departed from Chicago (ORD) and will arrive in El Paso (ELP)
15:39 19:05 - The actual Departure and Arrival Times. This flight departed at 15:39 hours (3:39 PM) and will arrive at 19:05 hours (7:05 PM).