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El Paso International Airport and the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department are pleased to present the works of Obed Arzaga and Terrance Flores at the Art Windows of El Paso gallery. 

Obed Arzaga is a local artist who works in education. A self-described lifelong artist, Arzaga has studied at El Paso Community College and the University of Texas at El Paso. His work is inspired by the architectural landmarks of El Paso and uses watercolor combined with ink drawing as his primary medium to capture the unique character of his subjects.

Terrance Flores is a self-taught artist whose background in graphic design and carpentry has influenced his work. He draws inspiration from other well-known local artists such as Luis Jimenez, Tom Lea, and his father. He draws his stylistic inspiration from pop art and local landscapes, his choice of medium is oils and enamels applied with long stylistic brushstrokes and bright colors.


Obed Arzaga Interview Terrance Flores Interview

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