Arriving passengers who have pre-arranged rides through AndaleRide, Lyft or Uber can meet their driver and car at the designated location. The designated location is marked with a sign, and can be accessed by exiting through the bag claim doors, across the street on the median just west of the long-term shuttle bus shelter. 

Passengers should be aware cars and drivers are not permitted to wait at the stop but will arrive when requested through the mobile app. Additionally, cars and drivers are not permitted to pick up passengers at the curb nearest the terminal. 

AndaleRide, Lyft and Uber are currently the only rideshare services operating from El Paso International Airport. Click on their logos for more information.


Drivers, please be aware that there is a rideshare staging area located on the corner of Piper and American Drive. Waiting at the designated pickup location is not permitted. Please visit this link for more information. 

Pre-Arranged Ride Apps

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