El Paso International Airport is one of the nation's leading airports in pioneering non-aeronautical land development, supporting over 200 commercial businesses and industrial operations within the Airport's Butterfield Trail Industrial Park, Butterfield Trail Air Cargo Center and other sites adjacent to the airport. Butterfield Trail Golf Club and Lone Star Golf Club are included within more than 900 acres of fully developed industrial and retail property supporting light manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and transportation operations, as well as call centers, hotels, retail, and restaurants.

industrial park map

Butterfield Trail Industrial Park

Butterfield Industrial Park encompasses 588 acres of prime land located on El Paso International Airport. Designed for the manufacturing industry, the park offers underground utilities, wide streets to handle large trucks, and immediate access to air, rail, and highway transportation.

Global Reach Science & Technology Park

The 150-acre property is located east of Global Reach Drive and south of George Perry Drive. This development will complement existing industrial development and nearby cargo facilities. This new unit provides much needed industrial capacity at the airport complex, as well as commercial and retail opportunities, with the ability to serve the nearby expansion of U.S. Army military installation Fort Bliss. Defense industry contractors can gain additional competitive advantage through this unique location; the site can also offer secured entrances.

Southern Industrial Park

The Southern Industrial Park is located adjacent to El Paso International Airport and encompasses nearly 220 acres of land for industrial and commercial uses. This area accomodates hotels, offices, businesses and warehouses all within 2 miles from the Terminal building.

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Airport Properties Manager

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