El Paso, TX:
Parking - Green Island

Airport Offers Customers a Green Option

Customers operating electric vehicles at El Paso International Airport can get a charge – free of charge. El Paso International Airport (EPIA) now has a "Green Island" in the center of its short-term parking lot. Four Electric Vehicle Charge units are now up and operating and available for use by the travelling public.

For customers operating electric vehicles:

There is no charge for the use of the units monitored by Blink, a division of ECOtality North America, however a customer must have a BLINK account.

The units require a BLINK card to use the power supplied by the chargers.

Procedure for customers to set-up a BLINK account:

BLINK cards are activated by calling 888-998-2546. They are available for pickup and use by EPIA customers at the airport's dispatch office and operations office 915-780-4749.

After activation of the card BLINK will ask for a Credit Card for file because other locations do charge for use of the chargers. The use of the charging stations at EPIA is FREE.

After activation of the card, you must swipe the card to start the charger.

The process to get a full charge on the vehicle usually requires 4 to 6 hours.